Mergers and Acquisitions

For mergers and acquisitions, Green Wire Capital assembles a team of expert specialists to handle the process for our clients, from initial research, analysis and due diligence, through to negotiations and ultimately completion. Conducting extensive assessment of both parties involved, entailing evaluation of cash flows, operational structures, efficiency and general viability, we develop an understanding of the situation and plan on how to proceed.

Our established methodology is built around delivering a smooth transition for our clients, with our team playing a central role in satisfying legal requirements and documents, meeting regulatory standards, negotiating an agreement to the satisfaction of our clients, and supporting future development following the conclusion of the process.

For clients who are seeking to expand through acquisitions, we initially work to analyze every aspect of the company, looking into performance, departmental productivity and efficiency, and subsequently seek to assess the viability of integrating the target firm. Our team performs the same analysis on the firm being sought in the transaction to establish an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of integration, relaying our findings to our client and providing advice on how to proceed, delivering a full picture of the situation allowing you to make the right decision.

For clients who are looking to sell their company, we work to identify and rectify inefficiencies, looking to maximize value and attractiveness to prospective buyers. In all aspects we provide objective advice on how to increase the value of the firm, with refinements to increase performance and ultimately improve the company’s appeal to potential suitors. Green Wire Capital provides ongoing support every step of the way, with our team of expert professionals on hand to offer insight and guidance.