Raising Capital

With a wide range of options through which companies can raise capital, each with their own specific obligations and conditions, it’s important to carefully evaluate the situation and make the right decision. The most common methods for securing capital are through equity and secured and unsecured debt, with our primary goal at Green Wire Capital to ensure that our clients elect for the most suitable and beneficial option, and that our clients are able to capably manage the subsequent responsibilities without jeopardizing their future and ambitions.

Our team works to comprehensively evaluate our clients’ companies to assess risk and also advise on the most effective and efficient way to utilize the capital when it has been acquired. Together with clients, we explore the different options to raise capital, identify a suitable option, negotiate where possible on the conditions, secure the release of capital, and subsequently offer ongoing support.

Initially, we perform an extensive analysis of objectives, company structure and potential, allowing us to determine acceptable levels of risk and to identify the right option. We also complete all necessary legal documents and arrange for release of capital. Our team is also on hand to help develop marketing plans and strategies, shape company direction and advise on the use of capital.