With company restructurings being so complex and multifaceted, requiring dedication and expertise, we at Green Wire Capital ensure a successful process by deploying our expert team consisting of legal, financial and analytical specialists to evaluate, plan and implement reforms to secure future growth and stability.

We possess the necessary experience and knowledge to execute effective restructurings, with our team adept at developing and establishing efficient and robust structures within a company to support long-term productivity.

Initially, our team performs an extensive analysis of departments and aspects of a company to understand operational functionality and identify underperforming areas and inefficiencies. In our assessment, we review management structure and effectiveness, scrutinize past and present performance, perform financial audits and carry out departmental examinations to gain a better understanding of the situation.

Subsequently, our team is able to identify problem areas and begin to develop a plan to develop and implement reforms to improve performance and rectify inefficiencies. We work to reduce costs throughout the company, cut waste, stabilize finances and establish sustainable strategies, frameworks and structures within the company.

Our restructurings also look not just at problem areas, but opportunities and ways to take the company forward, with our team helping companies to raise capital, develop marketing strategies and lay the groundwork for future success and possible future expansions. Our team provides ongoing support after the restructuring, with continual oversight, honest counsel and intelligent insight.